Quality Service

Quality Service


Since 1987, EMI has been the "go-to" firm for commercial cleaning services in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas. We remain unsurpassed in delivering reliable, innovative and eco-friendly services to every client, all at competitive prices. Our impressive 95% client retention rate reflects our commitment to excellence.

As an industry leader in green commercial cleaning, we at EMI take seriously our responsibility to uphold the standard for excellence in sustainable maintenance services.


Services Provided

Thoughtful innovation is essential to EMI's long-term success and has produced clear benefits for our clients.

The commercial cleaning industry is constantly evolving and becoming ever more complex due to safety, environmental, regulatory, technological, security, and workforce issues. At EMI, our drive for continuous improvement leads to inventive solutions for these changes. Here are some examples of innovations that work:

  • Green Cleaning - EMI leads the industry in integrating environmentally sustainable methods, products, and equipment into all aspects of our service delivery. (Please see our Green Cleaning page for more details.)
  • Team Cleaning - EMI uses the team cleaning approach for all properties. Our teams consist of specialists in specific areas (such as restroom cleaning or carpet maintenance) instead of the all-inclusive, broad-zone method used by most cleaning services. EMI's system ensures better results, improved productivity, and reduced costs that are passed on to our clients.
  • Latest Technology - We know that communication and quick responsiveness is a major factor in client satisfaction. We ensure that EMI staffers have the technology they need to be reachable at a moment's notice, including Blackberry wireless devices for all supervisors and above.


Quality Service

Reliability is a hallmark of EMI. Our clients can always count on us — especially in times of uncertainty and emergency when they need our services the most. Customers tell us that EMI's responsiveness has distinguished us from our competitors. As an EMI client, you are assured that a team of experts is available on a moment's notice to handle all your commercial cleaning needs — including special requests and emergency situations — with the highest degree of professionalism available in the industry today.

Quality Assurance

EMI developed its High-Performance Green Cleaning Program to govern all aspects of EMI's professional service delivery for each client. By adhering to our proprietary program, we ensure the highest levels of quality for our clients.

Thorough training of our workforce and strict adherence to this program ensures that every member of EMI's team meets our standard for excellence.

Quality Service

EMI's High-Performance Green Cleaning Program blends our traditional philosophies on cleaning with innovative eco-friendly products, technologies, and procedures. This creates an all-inclusive approach to service delivery that covers:

  • Procedures for cleaning, chemical handling, and equipment use
  • Communications protocols
  • Training and education
  • Inspections
  • Reporting and recordkeeping (including checklists and documented work plans)

Workforce Training and Screening

A well-trained and properly screened workforce is key to executing EMI's High-Performance Green Cleaning Plan, and delivering the outstanding service that EMI clients have come to expect. We attribute our consistent level of excellence in part to the rigorous training program we developed for our staff.

Quality Service

Main components of our workforce training program include:

  • Comprehensive orientation for all new employees, covering the EMI High-Performance Green Cleaning Program and client service topics
  • Building-specific plans as each employee is assigned to a property
  • Continuous on-the-job "team cleaning" training
  • Monthly and quarterly training for building supervisors and managers
  • Intensive green cleaning training for EMI executives and managers
  • At least 24 hours of annual continuing education for all employees.

In addition to providing thorough job training, EMI carefully screens its employees and conducts national background checks for every job candidate. Additional security clearances are performed for EMI employees assigned to high-security facilities.